Weekly Recap + a Saturday walk.

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Tuesday: We're renters.

It's Saturday and our washing machine broke again. The water traveled through our walls into our bedroom closets. It's pretty unfortunate for all our formerly clean clothes to be wet with not-so-clean water... all at the same time. Luckily, they're giving us a new machine on Monday. But for now we're running up and down the stairs to another washer/dryer in an empty apartment unit the office is letting us use. Wet towels are very heavy. Who knew?

I'm on an exercise kick -- one that doesn't involve going to the gym. So Sean and I went for a walk -- outside. It was complete with beautiful views, Toms (which are pretty comfortable for walking, by the way), and my new RunKeeper app. You can tell it that you're "walking" rather than running. It was about 2 miles. And I have to say I'm super proud. I only complained a little.

We've lived across the street from this for over a year now. This is the first time we explored it. Hopefully we'll go back tomorrow.

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  1. How exciting you discovered that beautiful walk across the street :) I'm glad you're getting a new washing machine :)


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