A letter to your readers.

Today's challenge: A letter to your readers.

Dear readers,

If you're reading this it's because you're an avid reader of our blog and you come every day to see what we're up to. Or it could mean you're a sporadic reader -- maybe you saw a link somewhere (maybe on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) and your interest got the better of you. Or it could mean it's your first time reading -- maybe you saw the link through a link-up or bloglovin. Or maybe you've clicked on this thing totally by accident and you're currently looking for the X.

Either way -- whether it's your first time here or a stop on your daily blog roll -- thank you.

Blogging is a funny thing. You sort of start with this undetermined goal in mind like "hmm, I need a hobby" or in my case "well, I'm engaged... let me talk about myself on the internet". Seriously, that's what happened.

For a while, no one reads it but you and your mom. And slowly, family and friends find out about it and acquaintances are like "what... so you just talk about yourself?... isn't that sort of weird?" -- and well, yeah, it's a little weird. But it's no different than sharing your life on Facebook or Instagram or some other type of social media.

So, my preferred method of talking about myself is blogging. And it's nice to know that people are so receptive to what I write and share. There's been numerous occasions where I've been out places and someone has told me they read my blog and like it. Or they agree with something I've written. Or they're able to relate to what I've written in some way. Or it made them laugh. Or think or wonder. Or they enjoy knowing what we're up to. So, thank you.

How nice is it to hear that something that you put a lot of time and effort into doing... other people appreciate and enjoy. Who wouldn't love that?

I sure do. And lately, I've been getting a little more traffic than usual and a steady incline in readership and followers. Between all the different outlets associated with my blog I have more than 300 readers. I admit... in the blogging world that's barely a blip on the radar. But in the "real world" -- seeing that over 300 people are interested in reading about your daily life. How fantastic is that?

So thank you for reading and sticking around (even through those spurts where I give up on blogging for a little bit). I love your comments, and your advice. I especially love when there's a blog associated with the person who reads my blog. Because even more than writing this blog -- I love reading other people's blogs.

To become familiar with people and their lives from anywhere in the world! -- What an amazing time to be alive. It's through your blogs that I feel like we've gone out to lunch together, or that I've been to the beach that day, or I've cooked a delicious meal, or gone shopping with you. I love reading your stories, and reading your thoughts, and feeling what you're feeling and being a part of what you choose to share online. So, thank you.

I love blogging and love that people are experiencing life with me and that you're all along for my journey. You make my day. :)

With love,


  1. I love your blog and look forward to reading it everyday!

  2. I came across your blog by your father who is your biggest fan!! love ya Ada NJ<


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