A vivid memory.

Today's challenge: A vivid memory.

When I was younger, my mom and my aunt would do a scavenger hunt for me every Easter. The eggs would be hidden and numbered. I would find egg #1 and it would have a written clue on the inside to help me find egg #2 and so on. Typically, at the end of the hunt I would find a gift. One Easter, the scavenger hunt led me to the basement, and inside the dryer was a white stuffed animal -- a rabbit. She was particularly fun because she was inside a balloon with confetti and to get her out of the balloon you had to pop it. You know how they can do that? Well, I immediately loved her and named her Zelda (I'm not too sure why), and that day I got to bring her to church with me. I propped her up right next to me in the pew. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to play with her during the mass -- my grandmother wouldn't stand for that, but she let me bring her along which I thought was the most amazing thing ever.

That's always been my favorite Easter memory. I mean there was another Easter that was equally as cool because the scavenger hunt led to concert tickets -- but that's a story for another day. :)

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  1. such a sweet story! And yes, that other Easter you're referring to was ultra amazing--one exciting surprise after another!


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