Day 14: 10 things that make me happy.

Today's challenge: ten things that make you really happy.

I think the ten things that make me really happy... all happen on any given Sunday. Here goes:

1. Waking up, without an alarm, next to my husband.
2. Making breakfast -- smelling bacon means it's the weekend.
3. Catching-up on DVR.
4. Reading blogs leisurely while doing laundry here and there.
5. Taking a late-morning nap with my kittens.
6. Staying in yoga pants all-day.
7. Going for an afternoon drive with the windows down listening to Rod Stewart radio on Pandora.
8. Eating at my parent's house for a yummy dinner.
9. Stopping on the way home to get an ice cold Coke.
10. Crawling into clean-freshly-washed sheets at the end of the night.

See? Happy.


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  1. You actually make an incredibly good point with this one: "Reading blogs leisurely while doing laundry here and there". I didn't really get it at first, but I thought about it and I realized exactly how awesome that is. Like a lazy Saturday where you actually have TIME to do both laundry and read blogs. Work on your to do list and do something for fun at the same time. SUCH a good feeling. Thanks for sharing :)


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