Day 17: a favorite photo of yourself.

Today's challenge: A favorite photo of yourself and why.

There's sort of a running joke with Sean's family that I'm always ready for a picture. That I just know when the camera is pointed at me, I look, I pose, I smile, and once the pictures are taken I go back to my former conversation, or to whatever I was doing, like nothing ever happened. I like this photo because it was one of those times. I was in conversation with someone to my right, Sean's step-dad was taking this ridiculous picture of Sean, so I leaned in (knowing the camera would have gotten me in the picture anyway), posed like nothing and casually went back to my chat with his aunt. 

I also like it because I love those sunglasses (rip), that necklace (which I also wore to our rehearsal dinner), the dress (which I still sport in the summer time), and because it was taken exactly 2 weeks after our wedding.


  1. Haha I want that skill!

    That's a gorgeous photo of you!


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