Day 22: Rant about something.

Today's challenge: Rant about something.

So I could rant about politics, or the weather, or life in general. I could rant about celebrities, or natural disasters, or people's lack of kindness and consideration towards one another. I mean someone dropped a door in my face today and I was cut off in traffic, twice.

But you know what really gets to me? When my TV shows get canceled.

TV -- one of the things in life you can control.

I mean, I can't control politics, weather, celebrities, natural disasters, people's lack of kindness, or people in traffic. But I can control what I watch and when I watch it. If I want to stop watching, I can. I want to start watching a show? I go right ahead. It's easy to spend a lot of time in front of the TV and since I spend most of my day moving around, I figure it's fine to spend some all of my time after dinner each night catching up sitcom re-runs and new dramas.

So imagine my surprise each Spring when I realize all the shows that have been canceled since their premiere in the fall. Sometimes this realization comes before springtime. And let me tell you, every single time -- I cringe. And complain. And curse the TV that I've been spending so much time in front of. I mean this is valuable time that I spend investing in shows and characters and plot lines. And when, all of the sudden, these shows are dunzo -- UH!

Just for complaint's sake, and the fact that this is supposed to be a rant post, here's a list of all the shows I watched this year only to find out weeks into enjoying the show that it would be canceled (either right THEN) or now (in May): 666 Park Avenue, Don't trust the B, Happy Endings, Last Resort, Malibu Country, Red Widow, Partners, Ben and Kate, Animal Practice, 90210, Go On, Guys with Kids, Smash, The New Normal, Whitney, Up All Night. How annoying!

Oh, and I could do a whole other post about how people tell me I watch too much TV and need to go outside more. So, please. No, thanks. :)


  1. Malibu Country! No! I love Reba! How about Last Man Standing? Is that going away too?

  2. I feel your pain!! I also loved 666 Park Avenue, Don't Trust the B, and Happy Endings. But some kinda good news - I read that ABC will play out the rest of 666 Park Avenue over the summer (I think on Saturday nights? Keep an eye out!). Also, Don't Trust the B can now be streamed on ABC Online (I haven't checked it out yet), and Happy Endings may be in talks to move over to USA. So that's kinda good!


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