Day 24: Worst traits.

Today's challenge: Your top three worst traits.

I'm very excited I've made it this far in the challenge. Some days it's easier to do than others. Yesterday's post was really difficult, today's a little easier but I still needed some help. Not because I can't think of negative things about myself. I totally could... but I decided to open up this question to Sean and I think he thought it was a bit of a trick. But after some discussion we've decided, which I'm okay with, that my 3 worst traits are:

- I force conversation, specifically with Sean. (Clearly, since I made him have this conversation with me and answer this question). Sometimes, when we're falling asleep I wake him up just to ask him if he's awake and once he answers me, I tell him I want to talk. He says "okay" and I immediately ask him what he wants to talk about. :) every single night...

- I move his stuff around. In fairness, it's because I clean -- I argue that it's always in the same area and that I probably just put it where it truly belongs. But he insists that I do it as some type of scavenger-hunt game. Regardless... I guess it's a flaw of mine.

- I'm paranoid. I can't argue with this. I am paranoid. I watch way too many episodes of Criminal Minds and 20/20 and think that everyone is out to get me. I lock my car doors immediately, barely talk to strangers, and stay home when I can. It borders on unhealthy.


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