Day 26: Something you read online.

Today's challenge: Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you'd like.

Why, oh why? Some people shouldn't have access to the internet... or their right to freedom of speech. They just shouldn't. The amount of nonsense this girl tweets about every day is ridiculous. She has her own segment on the local radio station's entertainment update where they talk about how crazy she's acting. I mean, today alone -- she's called out Rihanna (tweeted she deserved to be beaten by Chris Brown because she's "ugly"), claimed an officer sexually assaulted her (when he arrested her for throwing her bong out her 36th floor apartment building in NYC), and is mad that some magazine used a "bad" picture of her (pre-nose job) and wants to sue them. Like, what? 

Oh, and I can't stop reading it....

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  1. Oh yeah, girlfriend is cray cray.

    Here from the blog hop. Happy Memorial Day!


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