Day 5: I get by with a little help from my friends.

Today's challenge: Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them? If you don't have blogger friends, talk about real-life friends or even a family member.

I don't have blogger friends, so this post will be about  my "real-life" friends.

I don't see my friends that often. I've lost many friends because they expected to see me more, hear from me more, hang out with me more -- and I just couldn't.

I have a lot of friends from different parts of my life: childhood, high school, college, past jobs, work, Sean's friends, Sean's friend's significant others, the list really goes on. But I'm not one to blend people -- the thought of putting everyone I know in one room and saying "here ya go, people!" just makes me nervous, and I would never do it -- well, I guess my wedding was an exception.

I can't foresee something like that happening again. But most of my friends are busy (with relationships, or kids, or wedding planning, or marriage, or work) or they live far away, or are traveling, or are busy getting their Masters. Which means I don't see them that often. And I'm okay with that.

I guess the reason why we're still friends is because this is true:
I have a group of girl friends that I met in 7th grade and while I don't see or talk to them every single day, and some I see more than I do others, we all try to get together at least a few times a year. Some are married, some are engaged, some have kids, some live further away than others. And I guess I love being friends with them because when we do see each other it's "can't believe it's been this long", or "wanna make a batch of cookies", and our hang-out sessions consist of low-key fun nights where we sit around and do life updates on things Facebook just can't catch us up on. And when the nights are over it's "see you when I see you" and it's simple. And that's what a friendship should be.

I have another friend from high school, who doesn't live close to me and who I don't see often but who has shown me over and over that he's there when I need him. We send "you know what I just remembered..." text messages of stories that make each other laugh, and he's someone who's seen the good, the bad, and the ugly -- and who's been there in times of happiness and sadness and success and failure. 

I have a friend from college who I met my senior year. Because of proximity between where we work we see each other a little more frequently than I do other friends. We have dinner dates, and Saturday hang-outs but mostly I rely on our constant text messages and near daily phone conversations. I go to her for someone to help, someone to listen, someone to vent, and someone to discuss the really important things in life: reality TV, and the newest iPhone accessory. It's nice to have someone to ask "what would you do" especially when that person will answer with your best interest in mind and isn't afraid to say "right, but..." in the most positive way possible.

I also have a best friend, my husband - Sean. He's the person that I see every day and every night and quite possibly could be the reason for me not seeing a lot of my other friends that often. :)  He's the person I chose to start a life with, will spend the rest of my life with, and the person who I will one day share children with. He's intelligent, and creative, and keeps me on my toes. He's loving and attentive and passionate. He's hysterical and understanding and lets me blog about him every day and post pictures of him while he's sleeping and knows to never do that to me. He's kind and lighthearted and is truly my best friend.


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