Let me educate you? Probably not.

One of my favorite bloggers, Jenni, has started a link-up: Blog every day in May.
Today's challenge: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at (serious/educational or silly/sarcastic).

The teacher in me really wants to go for something educational -- but the rest of me, thinks it's 9:30 on a Thursday night and my mind just can't think about anything else but the weekend, my comfy couch and my husband. 

So my contribution for the day? 
3 sure-fire ways to confuse your husband.

1. Ask him a question like "what do you want for dinner?" when you only want it answered one way. 
2. Constantly change your mind and act like you didn't. 
3. Think something without sharing it and then get upset he didn't listen to you or agree.

All 3 of these things will probably happen to us this weekend, while I'm comfortable on my couch. It'll start Friday on the way home from work when I ask Sean what he wants for dinner. I'll, of course, already have in my head that I want something specific and when he says something different than that, I'll do that "fine..." thing. Which, of course, he'll see through and I'll keep having him suggest food options until he lands on what I originally had in mind. At the end, he'll be confused and wonder why I didn't just tell him "this is what I want for dinner".

On Saturday, I'll probably ask him to take me hiking. Once we get ready, and he confirms with me where we're going, I'll proclaim "we're just going for a walk!" and he'll say something along the lines of "I thought we were going hiking" and I'll, of course, say "no" with such certainty that he'll feel like he's losing his mind and more confusion will set in.

And on Sunday, as we're lounging around on the comfy couch, the day will be drawing to a close and I'll say something like "I can't believe you wouldn't take me to (fill in the blank)" and he'll say "you never told me you wanted to go there" and I'll, of course, say "yes, I did" with the same amount of certainty as necessary in #2 which means the weekend will finish off on Sunday as full of confusion as it began on Friday.

:) Lesson taught.

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