Mother's Day + things I miss.

Happy Mother's Day! We hosted Mother's Day brunch today for our moms. It was sort of a last minute idea that came to me around 10PM Thursday evening and luckily both of our moms were very excited and willing to shift their plans around to attend our little impromptu meal complete with china and all.

I found some recipes online and made things I've never made before: baked french toast, blueberry muffins, an egg dish, plus we made some favorites like home fries and bacon.

After brunch I took a 3 hour nap since I wasn't and still am not feeling my best and then we made the rounds to our parent's houses to visit with family some more. 

And I think that's where today's challenge comes in:

Today's challenge: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)

I know that it's normal "growing up practice" to move out and be on your own. But a lot of times, I miss being little and living at home. Not because of the guaranteed meals or the free internet and cable -- but for the comfort of being across the hall from my parents. 

I love living with Sean -- don't get me wrong. But if I was to list one thing that I miss, it would have to be the ability to hang out with my parents, to talk to them, and laugh with them, and to just be around them at home every day.

When I was younger I took those chances for granted, and couldn't wait and was so excited to get my own place with Sean. But now, I find myself having a hard time leaving their house whenever I'm there and whenever it's time to go home -- I always find some reason to stay at least 15 minutes more. 

I don't even live that far away -- only about 45 minutes. We try to get there every Sunday for Sunday night dinner, and usually on holidays and it's great to be there. But that feeling of "this is my home" slowly fades away, and while I guess that's to be expected -- it just makes me miss it all even more.


  1. I miss you even more!! Don't ever forget where ever we are will always be your home! xoxox <3 I had a great mother's day :)

    Thank you!

  2. So happy you got to use your china!! And your parents are amazing and I can totally understand how you would miss living in their house!

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