Things that make me uncomfortable.

Day 3 of the challenge: things that make you uncomfortable.

I had to ask Sean what he thought made me uncomfortable since I couldn't think of anything. Once he got me rolling, I realized that a lot of things make me uncomfortable. Here are some:

1. Bugs and the outdoors at night. I just can't shake the feeling of little and big bugs crawling over me especially when I can't see them because it's dark outside. Ew. 

2. The left lane on the highway. The "traveling lane" or the "fast lane" if you will. It makes me uncomfortable. When you're in it -- you're going faster than the speed limit, most likely, and then the person behind you is still basically inside your trunk. Not okay.

3. Being the only customer in a small store. I always feel compelled to buy something or feel guilty for leaving without a purchase.

4. Sitting in front of people. It makes me uncomfortable when people are sitting behind me in a meeting, at the movies, etc. It's distracting, I can't focus and I don't like it. If I was there first I feel uncomfortable that someone is directly behind me. If they were there first, I feel guilty for sitting in front of them.

5. Small talk. I'm one of those "silence is golden" people, and don't feel the need to fill the room with my voice. When other people just talk to hear themselves talk, it makes me feel uncomfortable because I usually just let them monopolize the conversation and don't say much. Then they do that staring thing because they're expecting me to say something -- and I rarely do. Awkward.

6. When the person you are with is on the phone. Like -- do you listen? Pretend you're not paying attention? Give them space? Expect a full recap once they hang up? And if you're in public... I always feel uncomfortable because usually they're talking super loudly and drawing attention to the fact that they are with me... yet on the phone with someone else. Yup, uncomfortable.

7. Posing for pictures in public. Yup, this is another reason why I'm not a good blogger. It makes me uncomfortable and makes me feel like a tourist. I mean I always smile, because I don't want a bad picture, but it's uncomfortable.

*In this photo, I actually was being a tourist -- so it wasn't as bad...

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  1. Love the pic! I can totally read your mind in this one ; )


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