Weekly Recap + Day 4 of the May challenge.

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Tuesday: Back in the day.
Wednesday: Our pledge + 250 words.

Woah, I blogged every single day this week. Once, two times in one day!
Today, we have a lot going on -- so, I'm just stopping in real quick.

Sean's fixing his motorcycle, so it can be used this year (more on that later).
I have a bridal shower to go to, and then we have dinner plans.

Today's challenge: a favorite quote and why you love it.

I wanted to choose something really profound. About the future, or love, or education, or inspiration. And I wanted to choose something that I truly believe, and have truly believed in for most of my life. There are so many quotes in the world and too many on the internet.

I was thinking about what I love to do, what makes me happy, how I live my life and what gives me motivation. The constant in my life, and the very repetitive nature of myself, is one that lives by a good book, a TV show I can relate to, and a movie that I feel compelled to watch and re-watch over and over. And so, I realized, that I should choose a favorite quote from one of my first favorite TV shows because I still watch it daily, still feel it's a true account of what growing up truly is like, and still know that, for me, it never gets old.

There are a lot of TV shows that come and go. A lot that I've loved, and enjoyed and felt a connection with.  But Boy Meets World, is one that sends me back to elementary school all over again. I remember having sleepovers, each week, with my best friend and watching the newest episode each Friday Night (TGIF, anyone?).

And that's why I've loved the show and that's why the quote I chose, is from Boy Meets World.
I like it's representative of any relationship you have in life.
And that's why I love it.

I know, it's a shortened version of something else.
But I think this version is short, sweet and truthful.
And that's why I love it.

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