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Today's challenge: Tell a story from your childhood.


I'm young, maybe six or seven years old. I'm with my grandmother, I call her Nanny, and she needs to go to the bank. I'm not too excited about this errand, but I climb into the backseat of her car.

We arrive at the bank and she tells me I can stay in the car all by myself "if I don't tell my mom". I smile, say okay -- she climbs out of the car and locks me in. I watch her walk into the bank and I just sit. And sit. And sit. And I feel so big. And old.

A few minutes pass, I see her walking back to the car, and I reach in the front seat to unlock her door. She's smiling at me and asks if I want to go into the hardware store to get a piece of candy. Of course, I do! She's searching her bag for change and hands me 2 quarters. We decide to walk from the bank parking lot to the hardware store. She says "go on up to the counter, .50 cents will buy 2 York Peppermint patties". I feel shy, but I walk up alone, reach into the glass jar on the counter, pull out 2 mint chocolates and place them on the counter. The older man behind the counter smiles at me, and asks me "that'll be it?" -- I nod my head and hand over my quarters that have gotten warm in my tight grasp. 

I grab the chocolates, look back at Nanny and we walk back to the car. She lets me sit in the front seat and we each take a candy, unwrap it and eat it. She says "don't tell your mom you're sitting in the front seat, okay?" and starts to back out of the parking spot. I say -- "I know... or you'll get into a lot of trouble".

twenty years later... :)


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