10 books I'll read this summer.

Yesterday, I posted about my summer plans and goals -- one of which is to read one book per week. I enjoy lighter reads -- I think I'm still getting over my years of reading books I really didn't enjoy in college. I also love to read books that famous people wrote or books related to shows or movies that I've watched. So those types of books will account for five weeks of my time. Three weeks of my time will be spent diving into happiness and a minimalist lifestyle. And two weeks will include books off the NYT bestsellers list. Curiosity got the best of me. 

Here's to ten weeks of reading. :)


  1. I started reading The Happiness Project a few months ago, it is really good! I stopped not because I wasn't into it, but just let life get ahead of me...I plan to start it again soon, maybe this week after reading this :)

    let me know if any others are good--I'm a baby with reading and still LOVE the romantics that Nicholas Sparks writes, I can't get into anything else, unless it's reality/documentarty like The Happiness Project type!

  2. A few of these I want to read. I need to make the time.

    Do you know if the Silver Linings book is the movie? Because I LOVED the movie.

  3. Bossypants is great. I read it in one sitting.


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