30 days without accessories.

Sean thinks I'm going crazy. Last month, I was on a kick to shop locally. This month, my newly found discovery are minimalists. I am fascinated. I'm not sure I'm ready to jump all in but the idea is strikingly appealing: the less stuff you have the more you're able to enjoy the more important things in life. How do you disagree?

I'll be the first to admit that I have a lot of stuff. I really notice each time we move and I lug my boxes and bins and bags from home to home -- barely unpacking anything after arriving. And then of course, when the lease is up the same boxes and bins and bags are moved to the next place. And in between I buy more stuff to fill up even more boxes and bins and bags. What a cycle?

I have this whole vision to sort out the stuff I don't want or use or need and to sell it (a post about that later) -- and this is all a part of one of my summer goals to "minimalize our belongings". In all honesty, I say "our belongings" but as Sean would point out... he already is a minimalist and has no real belongings besides clothes and shoes that he wears, guitars that he plays, his tablet and phone that he uses, and a few hats and jackets that are necessities -- so really, my goal is to minimalize "my" belongings. ha.

So when I came across this challenge I was hooked. What better way to kick start weeding out what I don't want, use or need than to put all my "stuff" in an area of my house that I don't need to see it. If, during the course of 30 days, I miss it or need it -- I reserve the right to get it and replace it wherever it was -- and if in 30 days my "stuff" is still cramped in my extra bedroom -- it's probably because I don't need it. Which doesn't necessarily mean I will sell everything -- just proof that I should stop buying similar items to things I already own since I don't miss them when they're gone.

You can check out what things used to look like here to get an idea of where I'm coming from.

What I removed: Anything that was on a surface; picture frames, scrapbooks, lamps (they weren't even plugged in) small tokens, extra jewelry, baskets, bins, storage containers, unread books, extra coasters (why do we have 10? we barely have guests), throw pillows, centerpieces, vases, throw blankets, mason jars, decorative items, decorative instruments, etc.

What I did not remove: Anything hanging on the wall (I don't want to deprive myself of what I love), 2 coasters (I don't want my furniture to get ruined), the cat accessories (they may feel unwanted), things we use daily.

So here goes:
There used to be a bookcase against the wall in the picture on the left. Once I took all the stuff off it, the empty bookshelf looked a little silly so I moved that, too. It worked out because I had a place to store all the stuff in the other room!
 Sean pointed out that we've spent one year furnishing our place -- and in one Sunday morning, I tucked it all away. :)
 See you in 30 days, stuff!


  1. Yes, the cycle of stuff is crazy. I've tucked away a bunch of nick knacks and cleans off surfaces but yet I still want to go to Goodwill and look for" treasures." I also had an unplugged lamp - I've been meaning to plug it in for weeks - so I did that too. Oh the little things. :)

  2. omg, i think you might be going crazy ;) jk, jk

    but i'm so curious on how you do. i've been throwing away or donating things i do not use lately ... and i'm shopping less and less ... trying to wear older things and just style them differently. that i've actually been enjoying.

    i'm excited to know how it goes in 30 days!

  3. mmm ... it does take your breath away just a bit to see things pared way back ...



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