A plea from our cats.

Hi guys, it's us:

We're here guest posting today to ask you something. But first that picture reminds us to let you all know that the about me page has been changed a little on this here blog. Our human mama would want us to let you know that. Now onto the important stuff.

You see... there's been some talk around these parts that our parents are going away next week. Something about some great holiday that revolves around freedom and celebration. Sounds great, right? They keep mentioning words like s'mores and drinking and camping and fire pit. They're also talking about how fun it'll be with friends, and exciting day trips and sleeping in a log cabin. It all sounds nice... in theory.

But then we got to thinking: what about us? Who is going to love us, and take care of us, and watch us over us and... feed us. That's probably the most important part. Let's face it -- we are cats, after all. We pretty much take care of ourselves as much as our human mama refuses to believe it. But the one thing we can't do? Open a can of cat food.

Now, if it was just one of us (Apollo) the automatic feeder would suffice. But the newbie (Artemis) needs wet food (something about being malnourished from the shelter... she claims). So here we are... days before the most important people in our lives are leaving -- with no plans of who is going to watch over us for those five days.

If you know us in real life then hear our plea. Let our parents know if you can feed us next week. We really don't want to end up at the kitty cottage. One of us could handle it (Apollo) but one of us will probably get flashbacks of her shelter experience and regress (Artemis).

We are lovable. We promise.


*Apollo has appeared on the blog in the past. You can find her posts here and here.

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