Bills that come unexpectedly.

I had one of those super productive mornings. By 9:30 I had gone to the gym, read 70 blog posts, done two loads of laundry, all the dishes, made pancakes, finished writing 24 thank you cards (+ addressed them), and walked down to the mailbox to drop off the cards as well as pick up our mail from the past week. Yes, we only get our mail once a week. 

And then, that's when it happened: the arrival of unexpected bills.
Remember that great new experience I went through back in March. I got a new car? Well apparently, one must pay state tax, sales tax and then a few months later once one has forgotten the car is even new -- one must pay excise tax. What the heck is excise tax? When I was 17 and got my first job, I got a paycheck to go along with it. I remember thinking WHO IS FICA and WHY ARE THEY TAKING ALL MY MONEY? Well, it's happening again.
Remember that additional great experience I went through a few months ago. Going for blood work at the Dana Farber center? Well, that, too costs an insane amount of money. I thought insurance was supposed to be helpful? Why isn't healthcare free? Did I miss something, Obama?

Needless to say, after receiving these kind treats in the mail my next two hours have been consumed with feeling defeated and trying to figure out ways to make money from my couch. You know what I've come up with? A whole lot of nothing.

That's totally why we only get the mail once a week by the way.


  1. I hate to receive tax charts . They just ruin the day !
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Wellll ... I'm glad you had a good first part of the day? :) My day was very similar. Someone said it's because of the super moon. Here's to Tuesday!

  3. I'm never happy with extra taxes. Hello government, you listening?


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