Book Review: Seriously, I'm Kidding.


I've promised myself that I would read 10 books over summer break. I chose this one first because I thought it would be uplifting and an easy read. I like Ellen. I enjoy her show and my favorite part of it is the few minutes at the beginning where she does her monologue. I was hopeful that the words in her book would jump off the page and make me laugh just like they do when I watch her on TV. And I was right.

There isn't a real story line in the book. It doesn't follow a plot; it isn't an autobiography. But it is positive and silly and had me laughing out loud. Some chapters are longer; some are extremely short. One is written entirely in shorthand texting language. You can probably read the chapters all out of order and you wouldn't really notice. The common themes are being positive, being yourself, and respecting others -- all in a funny, and sometimes sarcastic way.

My two favorite quotes:

I would suggest you read this book sometime this summer; at the beach, on the plane, from your couch. Really from wherever you find yourself. It's worth it.


  1. I love Ellen and was wondering about this book, so glad to hear it's a good read! Newest follower :) found your blog from the blog hop!

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