How we celebrated our first anniversary.

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I can't really believe that our two year wedding anniversary is coming up next month. It's crazy to think that we got engaged 4 years ago and got married nearly 2 years ago. I feel like it was all yesterday.

I saw a first year anniversary recap link-up on Kaitlyn's blog and just had to participate. Around this time last year I talked a little bit about how my idea of a vacation, and Sean's idea of a vacation, is slightly different. I like cities, he likes nature -- neither of us really enjoy the beach for a long period of time. So when it came time to discuss what we'd do for our first wedding anniversary we had to compromise. And by compromise I mean he took me to a large city, in a fancy hotel and I took him somewhere that he could ride a boat and see a majestic waterfall. Well, sort of. I think he may have compromised more than I did...
Honestly, I don't remember how Niagara Falls got into the mix. It was probably my idea since I'd never been there and wanted to go. Luckily, we had passports (well kind of, mine technically isn't valid since my name change but I was just really hoping they didn't want to see my passport AND my license -- they didn't). So after about a 7 hour drive we made it to the border. We had some trouble at the border because they did not believe our car was in fact our car. So they tore it apart. Like actually tore it apart... and once they realized they didn't find anything they left the pieces of the car just dangling (which are still like that by the way) and we were on our way to our celebrate our one year anniversary!

We stayed at The Tower Hotel. I don't remember the floor number but it was pretty high up there -- you could feel the building swaying in the wind and when you got off the elevator your body sort of jolted forward and you had to catch yourself. Thinking back it was hysterical. 

We like to see and do a lot on vacations, especially when they are short trips. Since we were only in Niagara Falls for Friday night into Sunday morning, we crammed a lot into Saturday. 

It was one of those trips where we did anything we wanted and told ourselves we'll think about money later. :) those are always my favorites in the moment and not so much once I get home. But we ate at fancy restaurants, and went to museums and on tours and did everything the brochures told us not to miss. We loved it.

In addition to the weekend away which fell on the weekend after our anniversary -- on the actual date (July 16) we went out to dinner near our house. We exchanged gifts (year one is for paper) so he gave me a message in a bottle (I know, so sweet) and I gave him a scratch-off where you've traveled together map that can be found here

Our first wedding anniversary was very special! 


  1. looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to go to Niagra Falls, so pretty. And that is crazy about the border patrol, I don't think I ever knew that. I can't believe you've almost been married for 2 years, yay!

  2. How fun! All of your pictures are amazing! It looks like you both had a wonderful time! Thanks so much for linking up with us and sharing your anniversary!


  3. Oh wow! I live about 1.5 hours from Niagara Falls and have been over the border many times---I cannot believe they literally tore your car apart!! I have heard of it happening; that is just crazy. Beautiful pictures!!

  4. SO cool! Your first year anniversary looked like a blast! Niagara falls is on my bucket list to see one day. What do you guys have planned for this year?

    ps: thanks for linking up with us!

  5. Great pictures! It's nice to see a different side of Niagara Falls :) Found you from the Grab a Friend blog hop!

    Kelsey @ April Sprinkles


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