It's weird to go out without my husband.

A few weeks ago, I attended a bridal shower for a good friend, Lin. It was wonderful to be there with friends on a beautiful day. I love weddings and all the festivities that come before them.
This past weekend, I was a part of her bachelorette party in Boston. It was great time including dinner in the North End (very delicious), an improv show (super funny), and coming very close to singing karaoke. (maybe next time!)

I don't go out that often. I do the occasional dinner here... movie with a friend there... and sporadic hangouts with people at home (mine or theirs) but I don't often go out. This weekend was definitely fun but I noticed something -- when I go places without Sean, it feels weird. 

It's like I'm missing something. I'm not sure he would necessarily say the same for me (maybe he would :) ). But when he's not around, I notice and appreciate how much he does for me when he is around: walks slowly with me, holds doors open, holds my hand, orders my drinks, makes sure I'm not hungry or cold, etc., etc., etc. (The list could seriously go on & on.)

Without him, it's like I have to be an adult and take care of myself. :)

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