I've been reading rather than blogging. Oops.

The blog hasn't really been appealing to me much over the last few days; a combination of having nothing to write as well as just having other things to do. I've made it a point to go outside whether it's to walk or read. That and my pledge to not sit and watch TV means that I don't sit with my laptop either. Maybe it's a funk? I'm not too sure.

Here's what I've been up to in the last 5 days... other than Father's day & hanging out with Sean. :)

- I'm sort of a "jump on the bandwagon" kind of person. (Sean enjoys this quality so much, I'm sure). So when my friend Marie told me about a cleanse called the GM diet -- I was all set to try it... for about 12 hours. I made it to the grocery store and bought all the appropriate foods for day 1, 2 and 3. When I woke up on day 1 (Monday), I was already starving and the watermelon and grapes just weren't cutting it. I lasted until dinner at which time I enjoyed chicken wings, french fries and nice cold Coke. I don't think cleanses are necessarily for me.

- I've been drinking water. Hey, you know what happens when you drink 6 glasses of water per day? (after barely drinking 1 glass per day for most of your life...) You have to pee a ton. For example, on Friday night Sean and I went to dinner and to the movies and after a day of drinking water -- watching a movie in the middle row of the movie theater is super inconvenient. 

- We've been going on morning walks. Well, on Monday I went alone. This is a major feat for me since I rarely leave my house alone. I mean sure, getting in the car and going to Target -- I can do. In fact, I can get in the car and drive anywhere. I've been known to go places to eat alone. For instance, the mall food court -- easily comfortable. But going out "in nature"? Going for a walk (almost 2 miles) independently? That's just unheard of. But you know what this means? I was so scared to be out "in nature"-- that I was walking so fast -- and I set myself a new record, "fastest average pace" according to RunKeeper. I'm not sure if that's impressive or a little sad.


- I've gone to the movies, twice. Both times I saw This is the End and both times it was equally as entertaining. I'm a huge fan of Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and Jonah Hill. I loved Superbad & Pineapple Express and I loved This is the End because they all played themselves. I'd recommend it, unless you don't like "stupid humor". If you don't like that then don't bother.

- I've finished Seriously, I'm Kidding and Bossypants. I thought it would take me a week to read each of my books on my summer reading list -- and suddenly here I am, fives days into summer vacation -- two books down. I'll figure out some sort of book review process on the blog. I mean -- I was an English major... I think I remember how to discuss a book?

Home Improvements:

- I told you about our yard sale? Well, this place is a mess from getting ready for the sale and then refusing to accept that I now have to return all the things that didn't sell to their "rightful place" (i.e. the closet). It's annoying and I'm sort of hoping that things just put themselves back. (It's not happening). I guess I need to start that whole "take 20 minutes and pick up one area" thing. 

- I'm still doing the "30 days without accessories". I'll admit I had to pull one thing out -- the fruit basket. When you have this much fruit -- and two cats who like to push things around -- you really need something to contain any sphere-like rolling objects.

Now, why I have that much fruit? -- well, that's a whole other blog post.

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  1. I like this little update! Haha, I totally know what you mean about drinking water all day. I don't do it that often, I need to do it more, but it's so annoying having to pee all the time :)


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