Weekly Recap + how I handle being alone.

On the blog:

It was a slow week as far as blogging was concerned but I thoroughly enjoyed my first week of vacation. I mean a baby Kardashian was born, Instagram now has a video option, Amanda Bynes ranted on & on & on via twitter about her nose surgery and Miley debuted her new music video for a song that really isn't that good. Had I been working I'm not quite sure I'd be able to keep up with all this amazing stuff.


Closer to home, Sean's band is recording their album which means he's busy and gone and I'm not and home. Get it? Well... wait... actually -- let's just say he's in and out of the house since revealing that I'm home alone for the entire internet world is kind of asking to end up on 20/20.

But I will say -- it's a strange feeling to wake up alone, be without him all day, and go to bed alone. Even stranger -- is going out at night with friends and coming home to an empty house (well, besides the cats).

So, what have I been up to -- you ask? Well...
By the way, if you happen across The Babysitter's Seduction on Lifetime -- it's really not worth your time. Unless you want to see Eric Camden (7th Heaven), Felicity (Felicity) and Mrs. Huxtable (Cosby show) all in a movie together. Oh, and A Nanny's Revenge? Let's just say an hour and forty minutes into the movie I was still thinking, "wait, what?"
I decided these few days would be a good time to look through all the stuff in my bathroom and use some. Biore strips? Hydrating face mask? Painting my nails? Crest white stripes? Sounds good to me.
When Sean's not home I need background noise -- especially at night. That way, when I'm scared -- I hear Friends from the other room. It works... 
There's been a lot of mac & cheese consumed -- I won't tell you how much. 

Some other things I do when Sean's gone for a long time: talk to the cats more than usual, leave the shower curtain open (why even risk wondering if someone is hiding in there?), and bring all the blankets from the bed to the couch so I can watch TV and nap.

How do you handle being alone?


  1. um wow just found your blog, (im a northeast blogger from PA) and i love it! new follower for sure. check out mine if you get a chance!


  2. This summer vacations just brought BIG news in Hollywood! I'm counting for some more.
    Found you on Sarah's blog & yay you found a new follower! Can't wait to stalk you ;)


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