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I didn't blog every day this week and to be honest -- it was great. I thought about it. I won't lie. When I didn't post on Wednesday it was because I sat for about 30 minutes with my laptop and then ultimately decided against scrambling for something to write about. Instead, we watched Identity Thief (again). On Friday, I didn't even attempt to turn on my laptop and instead fell asleep the minute I stopped chewing my food from dinner (it was about 8PM). I was exhausted. Writing reports, cleaning up a classroom, saying bye to kids... takes a lot out of me. So here I am.

The first Saturday after the school year, although I have meetings and cleaning this week, and my "summer goals" don't start until NEXT week when I'm really on vacation -- so I'm just here. 

I've found some interesting things online this week, and I thought I'd share some.

As always, Amanda Bynes twitter account in one of my favorites. I cracked up at looking through 90's jewelry and it's probably a little sad that I can sing word for word about 25 of these theme songs. Speaking of 90's TV shows, I keep watching and re-watching Will Smith bring us back to the 90's. Dialect maps have been all the rage this week on Facebook -- for the record I say "water fountain" and "soda" and "merry" "mary" and "marry" are all different words with different pronunciations in my book. 

Lastly, Sean showed me this video of a solider singing Stay by Rihanna. I'm in love with this cover and wish I could buy it on iTunes.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Holy moly that video is SO good!!!! I'm obsessed. And happy (almost) summer, I'm so jealous!


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