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Happy June! Happy Saturday! I'm so excited to have successfully finished the blog every day in May challenge. It's been inspiring and really nice to have prompts to write every day. But I'm excited to get back to daily life updates and keeping a log of our happenings and our interests and our lives. After all, that's sort of the point of blogging, right?

Since June means summer (obviously!) and the weather is cooperating at 96 degrees (woah!) I was motivated to put down some plans and goals for my summer. I have just a few more work days until summer break and I'd like to get a running start to vacation. I'm sure I'll end up taking the first couple days to just sit and veg -- but I think I may have done that a little too much last summer. Is that possible? Don't answer that.

My aim is to only allow myself one day in front of the TV a week. If you've been around this part of the internet for any amount of time -- you may have read about my love for daytime TV especially reruns of my favorite TV shows from childhood that they now play on ABC Family... all day long. But in an effort not to partake in the ABC Family line-up every single day from June to August I've made a list of our plans as well as my goals (in fairness... almost everyone I know works during the summer -- so while it seems really cool like "wow! a whole summer off to hang out with friends"... it's not really possible). Here goes:
While this may seem obvious, our summer "plans" are things that are planned (hence the name). So the dates are set, tickets are purchased, and everything is paid for.
My "hopeful summer goals" are things I'd like to add into my life.

- Water: I didn't want to overwhelm myself by saying 8 glasses. I know it's shameful, but I don't drink any now -- so 6 glasses will surely be beneficial.
- Sunscreen: Every day. Swear. I already have a horrendous burn from Memorial Day and I just can't stand the pain, the hassle, the odd burn lines... oh, and the fear of getting really sick.
- Walking: I told you about the Runkeeper app? Well, I'm obsessed. I found out... I like walking? So rather than go to the gym -- which I don't like... my goal is going to be to walk 2 miles every day (or at least 5 days per week).

- Reading: A book a week. You know since I won't be watching so much TV? I've picked out most of the books (a post on that to come later in the week). I still need a few recommendations. Anything?
- Blogging: For me, it's just as easy to stay on the computer as it is to watch TV. So my goal is to continue writing (10 times per week) because I love writing and I feel like it's helpful, peaceful, and fun. But I don't want to spend more than two hours per day doing it because the internet sucks out productivity. It's going to be hard. I figure -- an hour to write a thoughtful post and an hour to read/comment on all the wonderful blogs I read every day. Of course, sometimes it takes less time or more time to do either of those things -- so I have to try to work out how exactly I'll get 10 posts written each week? We'll see.
- DIY: Self-explanatory? I think so. But I want to start putting my DIY Pinterest page to good use.

Home improvements:
- 20 minutes every day: Once -- I heard if you spend 20 minutes every day picking up a certain area of your place (sort of on a rotating schedule) that your house will stay neat and clean. So I'm going to try it. It shouldn't be that hard. 
- Minimalize our belongings: I've been reading a lot about the lifestyle of a minimalist. I'm very intrigued and I've decided to participate in this before I go all out. Baby steps...
- Pay debt: No work means less driving which means using less money for gas. My goal is to use that saved money to pay off a credit card. We'll see.

What are your summer plans and/or goals?

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  1. Once you get started with drinking water you'll crave it.

    I love walking too. It's so relaxing that you don't even feel like you're exercising.

    I really need to make summer plans. I like your list.


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