5 on Friday.

I'm participating in the 5 on Friday link-up. That's what happens when writer's block gets the best of me.

One: Sean and I leave for our west coast road trip in less than a week. I am so excited. We're flying to Seattle, Washington and spending 3 nights there, then 1 in Coos Bay, Oregon, 2 in San Francisco, California, and 4 nights in Southern California. We'll be seeing family & friends, the sights & hopefully taking tons of pictures along the way.

Two: Tonight is the Taylor Swift concert -- that I've been waiting for and for which I've had tickets since November. It's an outdoor concert and unfortunately it's raining. Not just a light drizzle, either. It's down pouring with no end in sight. Really, Summer? Really?

Three: I've been trying to get ready for the school year and just got my class list (!). It's very exciting to look at names and try to imagine what the child is like. I've been making some classroom materials like this color matching work that I first saw on Pinterest.

Four: I've been an iPhone owner for 5 years now but I'm debating changing sides. I went to the Apple store over the weekend to ask them about my power button (which is stuck down). They were no help, in fact, they were rude and never made eye contact with me or looked up from the iPads they were using for whatever reason. She actually responded to me by saying, "ooooh, ya that happens. We don't fix it though". What kind of customer service is that Apple? So, I'm currently shopping around.

Five: I'm planning out some scheduled posts for when we're away since I'm not taking a computer with me. As of next Thursday, it may be quieter around these parts, but I'll try to have some quality posts lined up regardless.

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  1. You will love the Taylor concert. I saw her a few years back at an outdoor concert and pretty sure it was drizzling too!

  2. I would love to go on a west coast road trip!! Very jealous!! :) love your blog, and Im a new follower!

    Amanda @ Happily Ever After


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