I suck at social media, how do you do it?

Is it me... or does every blogger seem to have a really easy/open relationship with social media networks? How can this be? I'm not a busy person. I spend most of my days (at least lately) at home, within 2 feet of either my computer or iPhone and I still can't get the hang of this. And replying emails? I'm horrible at it. Don't get me wrong -- I have links to all my accounts (email included) on my right sidebar. But if you actually click them, I rarely update/post/tweet anything other than my latest blog post or an occasional pin and apparently you're not supposed to do that! Oops.

Here are some of my issues:

Follow Me On Facebook
Facebook - I read an article that said if you don't have Facebook it's a "red flag" and you're considered suspicious. Really? The only reason I have a personal Facebook account is so I can have a Facebook page for my blog. But ever since I've had it all I do is link my blog posts to my Facebook page. I thought it would be a good idea, but instead it's turned into one more thing I can't get a handle on. It's boring to me, and it's mine -- it must be horrible to follow it. It's also a pain --I'll get a notification that someone commented on my link, or they liked my page but when I click it I can't find the comment, or the person's name who just liked the page. How am I supposed to interact with people when Facebook makes it so difficult?

Follow Me On Twitter
Twitter - Twitter's nice because people only have 140 characters to get their point across -- it's quick, but now I see links for "extended tweets" -- what the heck are those? I don't understand Twitter. Are you talking to me? Am I talking to you? How do you retweet? Why do you retweet? I love reading celebrity twitter accounts; especially Amanda Bynes. But I don't feel that me sitting on my couch and watching Gilmore Girls is necessarily tweet worthy. How do you decide what to share? My tweets would actually be the same every day -- since I follow the same routine every day. That is just asking to end up on Dateline.

Follow Me On Pinterest
Pinterest - I was under the impression that Pinterest was just to bookmark things for yourself? Why do you have followers for such a thing? Are we not just pinning other people's ideas? No? I have no idea. I tried to make my "own" boards, as in pin pictures of my house, and I'm thinking who am I kidding? I'm no interior designer. Why not just pin straight from the source? Also, how do people pin so often? I forget about Pinterest for weeks at a time, and then I'll go on a pinning-spree. I still only have about 400 pins. Most people have thousands. How? I'd like to know these tricks. And yes, I have the "pin this" Google Chrome extension. It doesn't help me.

Follow Me On Instagram
Instagram - I love me some instagram. But how does everyone know what hashtags to use? Are you making them up just like I am? No? Is there a list somewhere? And how do people have such amazing things to post pictures of? If you look at my instagram account, there will be 10 pictures straight of my cats. Boring. Also, I've had the account for over 2 years. I have less than 500 pictures. Sean has had his account for half that amount of time and has double the amount of pictures as me. I mean... I have an iPhone -- why can't I get my act together and snap a pic?

Those are just four sites that I try to use. I feel like I can't even add Vine, or Keek, or Google+, or anything else to the mix. I can't get down the four basics -- ones that aren't even new in any shape or form.

So I'm wondering (any feedback on this would be appreciated!)... does monitoring your social media sites come easily to you? Do you enjoy them? Do they feel like a chore? How do you decide what to post AND where -- or do you just post everything everywhere? Does it annoy you to see someone's instagram picture also posted on their blog and then again on Twitter? If someone follows you on something, do you immediately follow them back? I'm curious, interested and baffled all at once.

I'm all ears...


  1. Sometimes it feels like a chore to me, mostly because I have so many that I need to check daily to keep up. It feels great going without them for a day though. So I'd say it's a love/hate relationship. I'm just getting used to twitter again, and it's a tough business. Facebook for my blog is boring with automatic posts, but that's because I don't have many likes and think "who cares right? Why do I need to post random stuff to my friends on here instead of my personal page?" I don't really get annoyed by multiple posts. I get that's what bloggers do because some people like to follow some social media and not others, so they gotta post it everywhere and multiple times a day to gain exposure.
    Pinterest for someone like me who crafts and wants to create all the time is like a goldmine. I don't pay attention to my followers because I think that part is silly too, but I have enough to make me think that I must be doing something right. The site itself is just best for ideas and "save for laters". You know what I mean? You want to pin others ideas as well as your own for your own future references. I pin binge and purge all the time as well, lol.

    Sorry about the long comment. I could go on forever about this stuff. You're not alone!

  2. I'm not so sure about any other social media but Twitter is my baby . Bloggy relations aka friendship is actually built through it , I do use it like an obsessed . But facebook is boring , keep it as just a responsibility . Tweet other bloggers about their posts or so , it will be so fun.
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. Hey there! I just wanted to say thanks so much for the follow back on Bloglovin'; appreciate it :o) Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!

    - croppedstories@gmail.com


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