Just a thought about patience.

Sean and I are generally patient people. This comes in handy in many social interactions; slow service in a restaurant, a rude check-out person, an angry mob... really anywhere. We're usually able to sit back, feel slightly uncomfortable yet move on and most importantly, laugh about it later. I would never send food back for fear someone would spit in it. I would never complain loudly in public -- it's just not me. Plus, I always think "kill'em with kindness". If you're rude, loud and obnoxious... you're probably less likely to get what you want. It's just like kindergarten. Just because you're the loudest, doesn't make you right... or first in line.

I think about patience a lot. I thought about it a few days ago when the woman behind the counter at the grocery store was impatiently tapping her nails at a friend and me figuring out how to split a bill (it seriously took 7 seconds). I thought about it when my mom came out of the bank yesterday telling me about a man who was screaming at the teller because she asked for two forms of ID (it's most likely her job). And I thought about it last week when I had to call our insurance company to ask if they actually expected us to pay a bill for $800+ when they only gave us 4 days to come up with the money (by the way, they did in fact expect payment).

There are a lot of situations that I could benefit from having more patience; like when I ask Sean to do something for me when he's clearly busy doing something else, or while I'm driving in traffic. There are a lot of things I want to do; like travel, or pay off debt, or save money, or have a baby (by the way, is there really a way to do all four of those things? I feel like the answer is no...), but I know that all those things can't happen immediately -- I have to wait.

I know that when I want to achieve something in life or when I need someone's help with something -- or I'm waiting on someone to get back to me, or I'm trying to get answers to something confusing or stressful -- I have to remind myself... it all takes time. 

I'd much rather wait with a positive outlook than an angry attitude... but that's just me.

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  1. Ahhhhh so true...my patience is always tested...some pass better than others. It took us over 1 year to find a house and finally after waiting sooo long we are on our way to closing on one..I realize that we can't get everything we want right away...it is a give and take process...haha


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