Music that matters to me.

While I was driving today I saw a sign on the highway that was letting people know about traffic up ahead due to a concert; Warped Tour to be exact. It brought back so many memories for me because Warped Tour used to be the concert I made sure to go to every year in middle school and all through high school and even in my first few years of college. It was one of my favorites. I loved the multiples stages, planning out the day prioritizing who to see. I also loved the food, and the skateboarders, and the vendors. And I loved going with my friends. I always remember Warped Tour being held on the hottest day of the entire summer and one year in particular it was the immediate day after Ozzfest (and yes, I attended that, as well). Two days in a row in the hot blazing sun with thousands of other people nearby --now sounds like a nightmare but back then? I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my time.
This all got me thinking about music in general. I heard somewhere that the music you listened to at the age of 14, is music that stays with you throughout your whole life. Something about that year being the age in which you make your own decisions and form your own likes and dislikes about music (opposed to just listening to what your parents are listening to). I don't know if it's totally true but I will say that when I think back to the music I was listening to at 14 -- it's all music that still to this day I hear and love; even if I don't actually listen to that genre anymore. But those songs, those albums... I can't help it.

some examples...
Now I don't know if I had actually formed my true musical tastes by the age of 14 and I was definitely influenced by other people (adults, friends, etc.). I had a very eclectic CD collection -- that's for sure. But if it was a concert -- I wanted to be at it. In just a few years, I saw everyone from Blink 182 to Marilyn Manson, Christina Aguilera to Eminem, and absolutely everyone in between. And all-day festivals? Well, like I said -- I couldn't imagine anything more fun.

So while Warped Tour still holds a special place in my heart (as do the rest of the artists I discovered at 14) we didn't go this year because Sean's not a fan of "that" music. :) So instead I listened to "Saves the Day" radio on Pandora all day long. It was just like being back in the year 2001. Perfection.


  1. omg I forgot about Saves the Day, haha used to love them. Just thinking about the concerts we've been to together, very random mix--backstreet boys AND Nsync, Blink 182 and others I can't remember right now haha!

  2. Music has a special place in my life. My playlist explains my mood , hah an old explaining thing. Good charlotte are amazing.


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