A blogging name change.

It seems crazy that I started blogging almost four years ago. What started as a tool to help organize wedding planning became a huge part of my life immediately after the wedding. Sure, there were times that I'd stop writing for a while and then slowly pick it up again -- but for the better part of four years now, my thoughts are recorded within this blog: Jasmine and Sean. To me, the name made sense when I started blogging. The blog's sole purpose was to keep a running log of designs and wants for our wedding. The fact that the blog's name would be our two names was never a question. People would ask "how's wedding planning?" and I'd say "great, we have a blog... Jasmine and Sean" blah blah blah. It was probably sickening. 

Back then, the blog was mostly random tidbits here and there; pictures from online, or taken in stores, a few DIY projects. But for the most part, I never strayed off topic from wedding planning. It was, after all, a wedding blog. After the wedding, I recapped it (kind of) but to be honest, after a twenty month engagement I was a little wedding-ed out. I still wanted to write, though. So I recapped the honeymoon. And after that, I still wanted to write and it made sense to write about our living situation, and from there I wrote about our daily to-dos, and our trips together, and every once in a while I'd write about current events or my work or what I wanted for my birthday. But there's always been something in the back of my mind before I hit post on each entry. I'm no longer writing about something that is an equally shared event like our wedding. I shouldn't keep writing posts as if Sean were sitting next to me helping me type. I'm writing about our lives and we have similar goals, moments of celebration and sorrow, and spend every day together. But we're also individuals. This blog is mine; I write about my day, compose my thoughts, reveal my opinions, share my likes and dislikes and hobbies. And so far, I've been bringing Sean's name along for the ride -- even on things he would never talk about it or really even think about.
Which brings me to the whole point of this post. I looked at Sean the other night and said "I think I'm going to change my blog name". He looked back at me and jokingly said "what? I'm getting bumped?" -- he was a little sad, but I think he understood. Of course, a blog name that uses your own name, or your spouses name, is meaningful; I want a blog name that's meaningful without directly using either a name but will still be inclusive all of the things that I already blog about... and will give me the freedom to blog about all those other things that I've previously thought "well, that's doesn't really fit with Jasmine and Sean". 

I'm not asking for suggestions. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't hard to think of a name that would be everything I was going for. I'm just here to let you know -- that the blog name Jasmine and Sean (and the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram + Pinterest acounts) will soon change. Stay tuned, okay?


  1. So I'm waiting to hear s fun & unique name then! I'm also going to change my blog's name, will be removing umbrella's memories of my middle school.

  2. I'm excited to know what you decided!

    So cute that he was a little sad! :)


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