Back from the west coast.

We waited & waited for this trip forever. We researched & planned and spent a year saving up money so that we could do everything we wanted to do on the west coast. And now that it's over, it's a little sad. 

Twelve days on vacation is a very long time. It makes it hard to come home to normal every day life (even when your current every day life means waking up late and hanging out all day). Vacation life is just so much more fun. I will admit I was missing our home, our bed and our cats. 

Our time included family, ferry rides, long drives, late nights, early mornings, the beach, great food, beer tastings, an 80s cover band concert, the zoo, the aquarium, city tours, a child's first birthday party, the Redwood forest, and twelve full days together. :) 

I plan to recap the trip in the next few days. Right now -- both the DVR and unpacking are calling my name.


  1. ahh i was scrolling for more!! Can't wait for the rest of the trip pics!

  2. Sounds like the perfect vacation! Can't wait for your recap!


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