Fall TV.

It's that time of year. You know the one. The time of year when all I can think about are the new TV shows about to premiere. It's slightly sad, but I get really excited for this! I wait and wait and wait and once the shows seem semi-finalized I choose my picks for fall. In fact, a few Saturday nights ago Sean and I spent our night watching the On Demand previews for all the network shows. (what a date night specifically for someone who doesn't like TV all that much). But did you know they were available? You can watch 3-4 minute segments of all the new shows. It's pretty cool.

I usually go overboard with planning out what shows I'm going to watch. Like, I've made a color coordinated spreadsheet with clickable links that bring you to the shows website, and it also tells me the date it premieres. My DVR is not that reliable. In fact, sometimes it just does it's absolute own thing -- so I need a graph to remind me to check the DVR. Whatever, okay?

So, what am I watching?


For someone who doesn't like TV, Sean was sure vocal as far as Monday night TV is panning out. I don't think Almost Human or Sleepy Hollow are for me -- but who knows? Almost Human is about a race of robots that appear to be helping humans? Or maybe, I'm confused. Sleepy Hollow is about the headless horseman? I think. What I do know is that Blacklist and Hostages look interesting and Anna Faris looks hysterical in Mom.


A comedy by the creator of Family Guy starring Seth Green? Super excited about Dads. The Goldbergs reminds me of a mock "The Wonder Years" and it takes place in the 80s so I'm pumped to see hairstyles and clothing. Brooklyn Nine-Nine looks like one of those stupid comedies that you watch and enjoy but don't tell anyone about it? And Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  is another one of Sean's picks. Super heroes? No, thanks.


This night is all for me. Rebel Wilson has her own show? I'm all about it. And Back in the game just looks funny. I don't even know why.


The Crazy Ones stars Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar -- need I say more? Michael J. Fox has his own TV show?? Welcome to the Family is about two families that have to deal with each other because their teenagers are having a baby. Will Arnett gets a divorce in The Millers. And "Just Jack" is back on TV in Sean Saves the World. I need to be a part of that

Of course, this list joins all the other shows that made the cut last spring: New Girl, Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Two and a half Men, The Following and Parenthood.

What about you? Have you looked at any of the new series coming out? I personally like to add sitcoms to my list. That way if they get canceled I know I only wasted 18 minutes each week... because believe me -- most of these will get chopped. 

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  1. I'm a new follower! I love this post, because I'm the same way every fall with my husband! I'm excited about Rebel Wilson's show! It looks absolutely hilarious :) And who can deny themselves a show with Robin Williams?? I've been watching him in movies since I was a kid! Looks like you have a nice line up here though :) And I do agree, they cancel a lot of shows every year, so it's nice when you haven't wasted too much time watching the ones that get cut!

    -Erin @ cutiepie720.blogspot.com


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