Hanging out with two babies.

This past week I spent some time with two adorable babies. I'm not typically around little ones (at least, not this little) and it was such a treat to see them interact with each other and the adults sitting all around -- who were just sitting by admiring them both. It's nice to pass the time just by watching children move around.

Easton is my cousin Chelsey's baby and he's turning 1 in a few days. Lilyana is my cousin Lindsey's baby and she's turning 1 in September. They are about 6 weeks apart and met for the second time last week. (Easton lives on the west coast).

They are so cute! It almost makes me want one :) almost.


  1. You guys look SO adorable , you Lilyana won it all!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Hahaha Almost...I never hung out with babies...I probably should have before having Mya...hahah

  3. looks like so much fun! so bummed I couldn't be a part,but thank God for technology and pictures :)

  4. So precious and I love their names!!!


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