i invent's first show.

This past weekend, i invent performed for the very first time. I don't know that I've ever felt so nervous for Sean. I so badly wanted to make sure that everything went exactly perfectly right. I wanted to make sure he was comfortable and happy and excited and changed guitar strings and remembered guitar picks and switched out batteries. I hoped that everything would go smoothly and that people appreciated the work that has gone into this album and that people truly enjoyed their music. 

It was hard to take good pictures. It was dark, no one wanted to pose, the iPhone is incapable of taking pictures with the flash. They didn't go on stage until 12:30. That's a tad late for me -- in fact, around 10PM I went out to my car and took a nap. For real. I slept until 11:30... it's always a good idea to keep blankets in the car. :)

I held my breath for the entire first song. And then suddenly, I realized, that this is what they're meant to do. They're good. They're really good. They have stage presence. They have talent. Seeing Sean on stage, with his friends, performing songs they all worked so hard on and seeing the crowd like the music... made me so happy.   

I can't really describe the feeling of knowing that someone is meant to do something in life. But I think it looks a lot like what happened on stage last Friday. I'm so proud of Sean and his friends/band members. They took an idea and made it into something great. And that's pretty special.


  1. so exciting! Congrats to Sean and band, that's awesome :)

  2. Gives me chills!! So happy that it went so well. He seems to truly have a love for this stuff and I am happy their first show was a success!


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