Leaving on a jet plane.

This afternoon, we're departing for the west coast. Flying to Seattle and then renting a car to drive all the way down to southern California. I've always wanted to do a trip like this one.

While there are a few blog posts scheduled... it'll be quiet around these parts for the next two weeks. Add me on instagram or twitter to find out what we're up to and where we are on our route.

Cross country here we come!


  1. YAY! Have a safe trip out here and down here, can't wait to see you guys. xoxo

  2. Sounds like loads of adventure and fun! I wish I was going :)

    Safe travels!

    xoxoxo :)

  3. I'm thinking of doing this so I can't wait to hear about it!! Have an incredible time!!!

  4. awesome. i hope you aren't too bummed about seattles weather right now. but its still beautiful.

  5. Have a GREAT time on your trip! :)


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