Places to visit before 35.

Ever since we've gotten home from our latest trip to the west coast we can't stop talking about vacation and travel plans and where we're going to go next. Those conversations have inspired us to make a list "top places to go before we're 35". Don't ask why 35 -- I don't know that there's even an answer. It's a pretty random age and the number of places is also random: 18.

So without further hesitation -- here are the 18 places we'd like to see within the next 8 years (give or take).

*picture sources cited below.

There are plenty of reasons we chose the places we chose. First up: Roswell, New Mexico. I'm a sucker for conspiracy theories (I really try to believe in them). Plus, I want to see if there's really a Crash Down restaurant like on the TV show. Secondly, Vegas... because well it's Las Vegas and the last time I was there I couldn't gamble and Sean's never been. I feel like it's a place everyone needs to experience. Like the subway in NYC or Disneyworld in Florida (you may think I'm being sarcastic, but I happen to really enjoy both those places). Third up? Chicago! The windy city, Oprah, deep dish pizza. I could go on. But really pictures of the city sold me. Next... Nashville, TN. Ah, Nashville. Country Hall of Fame, cowboy boots, music + I specifically like when I hear people say they're from Nashville, TN. I feel like it happens a lot on American Idol... and finally, as far as US cities are concerned -- New Orleans. It's the south, I've never  been, it looks like fun?

For US states: I chose Hawaii (Sean has no interest in Hawaii but I'm assuring him that he'd enjoy it), he chose Alaska and I read that at some point of the year, if you're in the right spot -- you can see the sunrise and set at the exact same time. True? Oh, and I chose Montana. I just think it looks so peaceful. South of the US, in South America -- I also chose Brazil for a number of reasons and my major one would make you laugh. And I'm not ready to share it. It has to do with a movie...

With the exception of London (which I want to visit for the royals and Big Ben -- that's in London, right?), Sean's all about European countries like Sweden (capital of death metal music) and Germany (beer, food and the autobahn). Egypt (for the pyramids), China (because why not?) and Russia (I forget his explanation) are also on Sean's list. But I'll be along for the ride, obviously... assuming my passport is valid? And to wrap up the entire list (thus far) we'd both enjoy visiting Japan (maybe even to learn how to use chopsticks), and Australia -- how cool would it be if kangaroos were just everywhere? And I've added Fiji because I want to stay in one of those huts over the ocean with a glass floor.

We are already planning our next trip... and it's inclusive of three of these destinations... :)


  1. Out of your list...Germany is a must! haha. The Mr. is dying to go to New Orleans...but I don't like cajun food..so I don't feel like going..or anywhere that I will run into sharks (Australia & Hawaii) haha
    Chicago is a must...I pretend I am a tourist sometimes and check out all the fun attractions...and well there are just so many!! :-)

  2. Amazing~ Love your list! Whats up for this year?


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