Seattle, Washington.

Our vacation got off to a late start. Our flight out of Boston ended up having a two hour delay because of weather or something. This meant that our two hour layover in San Francisco would become one of those races to the next gate. It ended up being fine and when we finally ran through the entire airport (why was our gate at the total opposite end SFO?) we walked right on the plane since it was already boarding. Once the airport and flight situation was done with -- we were in Seattle, at 1AM totally ready to check into our hotel.

Sean's brother put us up in a fancy hotel called Edgewater. I'd definitely recommend it. Our room had a balcony that was directly above the water. It had a pretty view, a king sized bed, and a fireplace. We were so grateful and happy.

We've been to Seattle a few times now, and felt like we'd already done all the tourist-y things: Space Needle, the zoo, city tours, baseball games, Pike's, etc. This trip was more about hanging out with family: Joe and Kim. We ate a lot of food, hung out with their pets, and couldn't help but watch episodes of Naked & Afraid (hilarious, by the way!).

In between doing that, we were able to squeeze in some outings that didn't directly include TV or eating.We went to Redhook Brewery. I tasted the beer, but for the most part I gave Sean all my tastings. It was really fun, though!

The next day, we traveled 5 hours (which included a ferry ride... that had a wait time of nearly 2 hours) to Forks, Washington -- saw ALL THE SIGHTS, and then traveled 5 hours back to Seattle. If you know me in real life, or have been reading for any amount of time, you may be familiar with my obsession with the Twilight movies. It's a bit sad. But anyway, my obsession exists and I'm so excited that I can finally say I've been there.

*Sean and Joe apparently didn't know that vampires are not killed the same "way" in the Twilight movies*

I won't go overboard with pictures from here (even though I totally could) but I know most people aren't as obsessed. Just know, that this day trip was one of my favorite (if not, my most favorite) parts of the entire trip.

We really enjoyed our time in Seattle, and can't wait to go back!


  1. so fun! can't wait to see more pics. And this was a trip of many things out of your comfort zone [trying Shrimp and drinking beer!]. so proud haha.

  2. Pretty jealous you can say you were in Forks!! Love Twilight. Yes, I am 27 not 10 haha!

  3. I put seattle on my list of places to go...lately I have been seeing great pictures from vacations there..haha


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