Southern California.

The final leg of our trip was driving down the PCH into Southern California. It was probably my most favorite part of the drive because it was sunny most of the time -- and after weather from Seattle to San Francisco... I was craving the sun. We left our hotel early, like 6AM, with intentions of seeing the sunrise in Muir Woods just north of San Francisco. Unfortunately, it was was raining and cloudy so there wasn't really anything to see -- and the state park was closed that early in the morning. I guess that's why you're supposed to research those things. By 7:30, we were crossing over the Golden Gate Bridge while singing the Full House theme song. It had to be done.
We were making great time until after lunch. What happened after lunch? Well, we arrived just outside LA right around 3:30 and the traffic was unbearable. We were supposed to arrive at our destination by 6PM, and because of traffic it was more like 9PM. If we were to do the trip again, I would choose to spend a night somewhere in between San Fran and Orange County -- like Santa Barbara or Monterey. They were beautiful and it would have been worth it to spend the night (avoid the traffic) and get a late start the following day (after morning rush hour). Live and learn.
While staying in Orange County, we spent time in Laguna Beach, drove the furthest south of our whole trip and visited the San Diego zoo, had amazing dinners with family, spent time at an 80s cover band concert, prepared for a child's first birthday party, attended my second (ever) low country boil, and finished up the trip with a day of sightseeing in Malibu & Hollywood.
For a year, I thought Easton (my cousin Chelsey's son) was my second cousin. Turns out he's my first cousin once removed. Who knew? All that relative stuff is crazy. But his birthday bash was definitely a main event of our time in Orange County and we were so glad we could make it out there in time for his first birthday celebration. Chelsey thought out every detail of Easton's nautical-themed party and it was beautiful, child-friendly and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Sean and I got our first chance to hold a little kid together. It was interesting...
So there you have it. A twelve day trip wrapped up in four posts. I can't wait to plan out our vacation for next summer. I'm already thinking about it...


  1. The pictures are amazing...did you take them all with the iPhone? So great to see you guys!

  2. love this recap! so glad you guys were able to come down our way for a couple days. missin ya already! xoxo

  3. How was the zoo? I've heard such great things about it.

  4. How was the zoo? I've heard such great things about it.

  5. Love all the posts of your vacation!


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