The Oregon Coast.

The night before we were set to leave Seattle we picked up a car from a rental place at the airport. What we thought would be a quick errand turned into an a few hours of people screaming back and forth and a whole line full of people arguing over the cost of their rentals. We were a little nervous because it seemed like the rental place was claiming there was fine print on everyone's paperwork that said the quoted price would go up based on other factors. We had time in line to frantically look over our paperwork, and didn't find any fine print. When it was our turn, we went up with smiles -- and there wasn't even an issue! We were pretty relieved since every other people left really upset and disappointed.

Early the next day, after delicious doughnuts from Top Pot we were on our way. We started on the 5 and made our way to the Pacific Coast Highway. Once there we followed the 101 for nearly the entire trip. We had a slight mishap once in California, but for the most part -- we were on the 101.
The Oregon coast is absolutely beautiful. It was a sunny day, we drove by views of the ocean into tunnels that literally were built through mountains. Sometimes it seemed as though we were dangling off cliffs and other times we were completely in the middle of state and national parks. We drove over bridges that I was sure couldn't handle the weight of the car, and over bridges that were miles and miles long. I don't know which ones were scarier.
We had lunch in Astoria, Oregon. This meant nothing to me but to Sean it meant a lot. Apparently, Astoria is the setting for the movie The Goonies (I've never seen it...). While his excitement over Astoria wasn't quite the same as my excitement over Forks -- it's always cool to be somewhere that you can see in a movie. 
When planning the trip I was really excited to be in the car for such a long time. I've always loved the idea of a road trip. After 12 hours in the car the first day -- I was a little over it. My problems with being in the car -- in the middle of nowhere? Pandora radio doesn't work and the only local radio stations that came in were religious and/or super conservative and/or anti-government. It made for a lot of "what do you want to talk about?" conversation starters and sometimes "what? did you just hear what they said??". There were also parts of the trip where we would completely lose all cell service for hours at a time. While I was upset that I couldn't keep up with social media during this time -- I was mostly concerned that we would fall off a cliff and have no way of calling for help. I really think they should put some cell towers out there.
Hours and hours and hours after leaving Astoria, Oregon we stopped for dinner at Mo's -- and that's where I had a slight meltdown. It was late, we still had two more hours in the car, the restaurant was on the water, it was 50 degrees yet they had the doors and windows opened (no one else seemed cold?), the seating was such so that you sat at large tables with other people you didn't know, a woman refused to share a table with us and then the waitress forgot my cheese bread. I'm not too sure if the meltdown happened before or after this picture -- all I know is Sean had a smile on his face the whole entire day.


  1. You've never seen Goonies?! It's such a good movie - you must watch it!

  2. Haha of course he had a smile, his name is Sean ;)

    Goonies is Sean's favorite movie! It's a classic.

    I love road trips but I think after 6 hours I'm ready to scream. And forgetting your cheese bread. Seriously, I would have had a meltdown too.


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