Fall goals.

I know it's not technically fall, but I'm back at work, the mornings are freezing, it's getting dark right after dinner and new fall shows are about to start. It's basically fall -- and it's time to set some goals. I've already gotten a head start with a few of these goals. Hopefully I can keep them up! I've already been to my first book club meeting and my first Zumba class. We're finding days that we can do a hayride and apple picking -- last year, we did it all at the same time. It was pretty convenient. The scenic drive will most likely happen while we're off camping. Carving pumpkins and haunted houses sort of go together so we'll probably do those two things the same day. My weekend in the Cape is already planned and our tickets for Macklemore are already purchased and printed! Our building is having a dog/cat halloween pageant so the cats will surely participate and around that time I'll break out my fall decorations. That way it will be all ready for Thanksgiving! We're not hosting this year but I think it's still nice to have some decor.

Any fall goals?

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  1. A book club was on my list as well! I decided that I would join a few bloggers in a book club link up. It just started but I'm excited to start our book of choice this month. (I just need to finally get that library card!)


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