Hello blog, I'm still here.

I forgot that I blog. Whoops, and after I bought a domain name and all; which by the way I haven't yet had the time to figure out how to do the blog-switch-a-roo thing. But one day, I'll sit down and figure it all out. Today is not that day. In an effort to play a little catch up as not to forget that this week existed, here's what went on: my classroom is all set up, my work gave me a new laptop, I bought a printer so that I could become an extreme couponer, we bought Sean a new suit and with sales & coupons ended up saving over $380 on it, we watched our friends get married, we walked around Providence, Rhode Island and ate at Luxe Burger, i invent had their second show and I finally found a drink that doesn't disgust me, I went into work early every day, got out of work late every day, didn't watch any TV other than episodes of How I Met Your Mother on DVR for over 6 days, went to my very first, ever, book club meeting, made dinner every night, started a work-out/lose weight challenge with Sean, was so upset when I realized I was days late to join in on what I thought would be my first ever fantasy football draft, was even more upset when I realized the only football shirt I have is for someone who is now accused of murder, and learned it is possible to restart my iPhone even though the power button has been broken for 4 months.  Successful week, eh?

This upcoming week is my 27th birthday, my zumba class begins, I'm going to solidify some fall goals, and start reading my first book for my new book club. The book is A Casual Vacancy. Plus, I have to take a peak at all those new shows I've promised myself I'll watch -- I don't think many start so soon, but I don't want to miss out. We'll see how the blogging thing goes --if I can get my act together you'll see me around these parts, and if not, then talk to you next weekend :)


  1. What a packed week!!! A new lap top? Awesome! I hope to see you before next weekend! You have to do a birthday post...right?

  2. Awesome classroom...looks super organized.

  3. I love that black dress! Where did you get it?


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