I turned 27.

Last weekend, I celebrated my 27th birthday at my parents house. I wasn't feeling good and I'm sort of surprised that the pictures came out pretty decent. I had one of those days where I almost passed out in the grocery store from dizziness. I told myself it was allergies, even though I don't think allergies make you do that, but I powered through it and by my actual birthday on Tuesday, I was feeling pretty good. But the celebration on Sunday was really fun and included Chinese food, an ice cream cake, presents and family. I loved it. [Please note Sean's face in the pictures of me opening my presents. mmkay?]

What the heck is that face? I feel like it comes out during present time on multiple occasions: birthdays, Christmas, Easter... the middle child in him realizes the only child in me. And then, the face comes out. :) On my actual birthday, we went to the Outback with our parents to celebrate. It was a lot of fun :)


  1. Happy belated birthday lady! Look at this funky cake! :)

  2. Welcome to being 27 like me! :)
    Your cake is cute!


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