Instax Mini 8.

I had been looking at the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera since the start of the summer. I love the idea of Polaroid cameras and love how small the pictures from this specific camera print out. I thought about buying it for myself, but then I figured I'd wait out the summer and ask for it for my birthday. I was super excited when I opened it up from Sean. We had a minor incident with the camera outside the Outback -- so, a new one just arrived in the mail yesterday. Side note: these things are fragile... :) I've forgotten how nice it is to have printed pictures (I rarely print pictures anymore), and the whole Polaroid thing has an instagram feel that is 100 times better. Film is slightly expensive, and there are only 10 pictures on a roll -- so you have to be "on" and make sure the people you are photographing don't close their eyes, or look away. There are no second chances like with the iPhone. It's a one shot deal. I was super disappointed when the picture the waitress took of our table on my birthday didn't come out, not only because we missed the shot but also because that was one picture was wasted! I can't wait to take more pictures with this camera. 

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  1. how cool! I love it. But yes, I don't know how I feel about not being able to snap 5 photos to get the "Right" photo...well without wasting any film. But I do love the idea of having printed pics in seconds! you'll have to bring it to Girls Wknd!


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