Our fall.

September into October was a busy time. Between keeping up with work, emptying my DVR, book club (I didn't read the book), Zumba (I barely went to the classes), weekends away (New Hampshire, Vermont, Cape Cod), apple picking, birthday celebrations with friends, Sean selling a hobby and acquiring a new one (he sold his motorcycle and starting brewing beer), crafting (for fall & Project Life), starting the process of beginning the process of thinking about buying a house, finding the cats halloween costumes, enjoying the foliage and spending time with Sean -- I forgot about this blog. 
This past weekend, I was in the Cape for my family's girls weekend (a time when all the women in my family get together for a weekend) and I was subtly reminded by everyone there that I hadn't blogged in four weeks. :) We spent the weekend going out for meals, celebrating two engagements, hanging out together and admiring baby Easton (who is getting so big & is the only boy who was allowed at Girls Weekend).
Blogging will be slow around these parts. My work weeks are exhausting and our next few weekends are filled with even more getaways (Maine & New York City), not to mention concerts and shows, and Halloween parties and birthday parties, and doing all the consistent things that make life work (laundry, paying bills, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, organizing, hanging out with the husband, etc.). Hopefully, I'll find a rhythm but... I checked my blog posts from this time last year and I seemed to have the same problem then, too!


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