A house update.

We're closing on our house on Wednesday which means that our time has been consumed with anxious thoughts, nightmares of the house not looking like it should, moving money to fill empty bank accounts, and living among an unlimited amount of boxes and cleaning supplies. The cats are loving all the new climbing structures (the stacked boxes) and I'm determined to clean out the DVR before we have to return it next Saturday (40 episodes of Boy Meets World & 20 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while packing seem to be in my near future). I recall a time last summer where I pledged to get rid of my things and live more simply. Unfortunately, I only piled those things out of sight since I've now realized that they still belong to me and now must be sorted and packed and moved. Sean's been dealing with all the house stuff and the bank stuff and the lawyer stuff and the important grown up stuff and for that I'm incredibly thankful. My contribution was to call the cable company and ensure that a new cable box will be set up the day we move in. 

Because of the whole house thing we haven't been able to buy Christmas presents for family yet. The bank has this whole thing where you actually have to have money to buy a house. So we've been putting off shopping until after we close -- and then we'll get a move on it. It's weird to be well into December and to not have bought presents yet. I've been browsing websites looking for things I may want (thought I admit a house is a pretty great gift)... because that's always fun you know? And I thought I'd include a list of things that could make this whole moving-into-a-new-place-around-the-holidays thing pretty fun. :)

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  1. So excited for you and Sean!! Il be thinking of you Wednesday xoxo

  2. Ahhhhh its almost here!!! Congrats...We just closed before Thanksgiving...such a scary yet awesome experience...and once you guys move it...it will be even better!!!


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