My weekend was filled with things that are absolutely unnecessary: pizza, Chinese food and hours upon hours of Netflix on the couch. It was a nice change of pace after my first week back to work, and a great chance to have some r&r before I embark down the long road of report writing in the next two weeks. I've made it to season 8 of How I Met Your Mother, the middle of season 1 of Gossip Girl and I may or may not have allowed independent films to take over our TV this morning by watching The Other Woman, I'm Reed Fish, Blue Valentine, and Waiting for Forever. I recommend the first two if you like movies that are sad but heartfelt, the third movie if you like movies that don't have a happy ending and the last one if you like movies that have an ending that is neither happy nor sad -- you just kind of sit there like… what just happened? Sean wasn't a fan of the the last one. Along with Netflix and not leaving the house for nearly 48 hours, I completed my first spread of Project Life! Hopefully I'll be able to show that on the blog this week.

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