One month of homeownership.

It's official! We've been homeowners for one whole month. We've started a number of projects and then took a step back and decided to take things one room at a time. One of the first tasks we started was painting the kitchen walls; eventually I'd like to paint the cabinets, too, but probably not until spring time. The walls aren't totally finished. The ceiling is still yellow in some spots despite the three coats of paint. The trim still only has one coat and the ugly heating vent is still ugly and not yet painted because life got busy. Even still, it's a whole lot brighter in there, let me tell you. The dark green was throwing me -- now the walls have Benjamin Moore's Moonshine (the gray) and Decorator's White (the trim). I just love it.
The next, sort of small but turned into a major project, is the first floor bathroom. We started out stripping the wallpaper with intentions of painting the walls. Well, that turned into a two week process (I got bored around day 4 and Sean, being the wonderful husband he is, finished absolutely everything I'm about to talk about). In the middle of taking down wallpaper, we realized that the toilet and sink should probably be replaced, too. The toilet was broken and the sink was hugely tacky. After those two items were taken out of the bathroom, we realized that we should probably just take this time to replace the floor while the space was empty. While taking out the floor, the baseboards broke… so we're basically re-doing the whole bathroom, other than replacing the shower -- which is fine. 
Hopefully, in the next month week we can finish the bathroom, show the final product and move onto the next room. Let's see what month two of homeownership brings...

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  1. What you've done so far looks great! Happy one month!


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