We've had a busy couple of days. On Valentine's Day we went to dinner at the Outback (a favorite for me but not so favorite for Sean). I ate an entire plate of aussie cheese fries and drank wine. They don't actually go together but the wine was pretty good and part of a goal on my list of 101 in 1001. Saturday was a day for errands (dentist for me and Artie), traveling in a snowstorm to the brew store so that Sean could buy bottles to bottle his beer, and buying a snowblower. All the snow that was currently falling from the sky was a motivating factor, for sure. I was positive that after purchasing it, the snow would stop and winter would be over. But mother nature appears to have snow on the schedule for this week. Sean was very excited to wake up this morning and try out his new snowblower. Though we do have a dilemma of where to put the thing since there's so much snow we can't seem to get it anywhere other than the front patio. What an eyesore under a big, blue tarp. Eh. Thankfully, it means no more shoveling for me. Since tomorrow is a holiday (yay!) we have plans to do something with the bathroom project that has been looming. We'll see what gets accomplished...

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