A February snow day.

There's a driveway under there -- and a mailbox and a yard and a street beyond that. We're in a bit of a snow storm over here. Perfect for me since it resulted in a snow day (a day totally devoted to catching up on ABC Family shows) but not so perfect for Sean who had to brave the roads and work all day. Guess winter snow days can be added to the list of "the benefits of being a teacher" just like having summers off. It wasn't a totally wasted day. I made chili in the crockpot (PS what a perfect way to pretend to have slaved over dinner all day) and I shoveled the front walk. Two things I realized we don't own but need to purchase ASAP? A can opener (who doesn't have a can opener?!). And a snowblower. I had to open a jar of sauce with a hammer and a screwdriver (not fun) and I'm pretty sure my body will be sore from shoveling until the nor'easter that's supposed to hit us over the weekend. Another foot of snow? Is it spring yet?


  1. We got so much snow too! I decided to venture out today. Should have done it when Sean was still at home that way he could have shoveled me out. The combination of the massive amount of snow and ice made it so hard to get my car out. I should have just stayed inside.

    And that's why I love the crockpot! Dump things in and an amazing meal happens.

  2. im getting the same thing here in Central PA grrrrr


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