The day before Valentine's day.

A storm hit today. It was a pretty big deal. And not the good kind. But instead the kind where the state didn't treat the roads and it took four and a half hours to get home. It's normally an hour ride. It involved a packed car (dad, mom, aunt, grandma -- lucky we all work near each other and can carpool!) getting stuck in the snow, unkind people yelling and swearing, plow drivers who weren't plowing, crashed oil tankers, broken traffic lights, ideas of renting a different car or staying in a hotel, finally switching cars and snow that was falling faster than it could be plowed. At one point, the amount of snow on the road was higher than the tires. How are we supposed to drive in that, Massachusetts? In the middle of the ride, I heard from Sean who was also making the trek home from work. He got home, to more than a foot of snow in the driveway and starting shoveling away. After 45 minutes, our neighbor two doors down, who we had not previously met walked up with his snowblower and offered it to Sean. So for about two hours our driveway was the cleanest it's been in weeks. Sadly, the snow has already piled up and it's now iced over. I'm totally hoping for a snow day tomorrow. 

In non-weather related news -- tomorrow is Valentine's day. Last year, I took time to write about how Sean and I got together. In the spirit of the holiday I thought I'd repost it. You can read our story here. With the snow and all, I'm not sure we'll venture out to dinner or anything. But we'll exchange gifts and stay warm.

Artemis got surgery on Monday. She's doing well and the worst part of the whole thing was not being able to feed her breakfast that morning. I don't know how I'll ever deal with a child when they get sick. I was practically in tears. Her follow-up was changed because of the weather so we have to take her back on Saturday. Apollo isn't a fan of the vet scent and is a bit moody around Artie.

Tuesday was the two-month anniversary of us owning our house. I have to admit that we didn't get as much stuff done in the second month as I had hoped. It just all takes time and money. And when things pop up like ice dams and vet appointments it makes purchasing Benjamin Moore paint and new tiles harder to justify. 

Tuesday, the 11th, also marked the end of my first 101 in 1001 list. The title sort of explains it but it's basically a list of 101 things I wanted to accomplish in 1,001 days. I decided to make a new list that started on the 11th and expires in November of 2016. By the way, I'll be 30 then. Say what?

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